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Where the grandeur that was Rome and the glory that was Greece find the expression in the tropics of classical statuaries and imperial ruins dotting the undulating greens. Of majestic Poseidon and his mighty horse rising from the lagoon of gushing fountains. Of intricately crafted gazebos as tee houses of a clubhouse straight out of the renaissance-vaulted ceilings frescoes, and all.

Where the best of Europe's classical art remain locked in museums, the replicas are out in the green here, inspiring, uplifting the soul as the body enhance its physicality.

All-weather par-72 championship course for budding golfers to learn their ropes, for professionals to finesse their skills.

Designed by a sportsman, crafted by an artisan-synergized in the owner himself, along with a team steeped in the heritage of Kapampangan craftsmanship-melding of the athletic and the aesthetic, indeed, the only one its kind in all the world.

Golf is not just a game here. It becomes a new- and totally higher level of experience.